Wednesday, March 05, 2008,1:12 AM
In her blog, Heather asked about relationships.....why some of them work, and others crash and burn. What makes or breaks a union?

I could probably spend hours debating and pondering this one...

I think the secret to a good relationship lies in the beginning...
Basically... it's the couple itself that make or break the deal... no shit, right? See, I think too often people fall in love and are with a person who in reality isn't right for them or who, ultimately, they won't get along with, be if for different beliefs, different views on things, different habits, political views etc...

Sometimes loves just isn't enough... I've lived this twice "on my back" as we say in Italian. experienced it myself... and I now know that love is not the answer!
It's how well you get along with someone, how much you have to give in in order to keep the peace and how far they're willing to go for you.
A relationship is a balance of give and take. It takes a lot of respect, and yes love of course too... but mostly respect I think.

Loves comes and goes, love changes over time. The initial passion and lust fades over the years and sometimes all you're left with is this person who you co-habit with, who you live and breathe next to without really sharing your lives.
Sure you may share time, but are you really sharing your LIFE? You dreams, your goals, your dreams, your fears?

I've come to the point of stating that I'd probably agree more of marrying a true friend, whom I admire, respect and look up to than someone who I love yet can't seem to share views with.
Those of you who know me and my pat relationships know what I'm talking about...

All I know is, it takes a LOT of luck to find the right person to walk aside of for the rest of your life... that special someone that won't change over the years, that will still love you unconditionally, and care for you, and be happy to see you when you walk in the door.

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