Wednesday, June 27, 2007,12:40 AM
today, I have this.
Doesn't this just have Italian lifestyle written all over it?? I love Rome for small little things like this... a view like this makes me smile and forget what ever is bugging me inside....
I don't think you can fully comprehend what it is like to have this and live this every day (when you're lucky enough to be able to get out and go walking about...) unless you too have experienced this on a regular basis.
Tourists.... sure they take it all in, they dig it. But we... us locals... we live it!

I'm tying to be thankful for what I have, and not regret what I'll miss out on. And today, I have this.

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,12:29 AM
Something to hold on to...
I'm a bit down and out these days... a lot of things on my mind. A lot of uncertainties in my life right now.
It's funny how one moment you think you're fine (well you are, rather than just think it...) and then the next you're down again. It's true when they say that life has it's ups and downs...

I had yet another disappointment yesterday... nothing serious but still, shit like this just stops you in your tracks ya know? It leaves you "flabbergasted"... speechless and your heart skips a beat.
I found out my two co workers (who work in the same room, at the same desk as me) were gossiping and talking behind my back. But it was just pointless, stupid, infantile crap, really not worthy of note... yet it hurt me, because I thought they were my friends...

I'm so fragile right now, not even I realized it. I'm trying to be brave and look forward and make it out like it's all just water off my back... but really, I'm hurt. I am. And I think it's safe to say that it's ok. I have every right to be hurt. I think I'm allowed to be...
Honestly, I think I'm doing all too well.... really I am. But then it's moments like these, that makes you feel they're taking away the rug from beneath your feet, ya know?
Disappointed. It's a good adjective for me right now.
I am disappointed and disillusioned.

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Thursday, June 14, 2007,6:26 PM
Like Samantha Jones
Remember the series Sex and the City? Let's face it, every girl at one time or another has recognized herself in one of the wonderful 4 characters, fruit of the imagination and pen of Candace Bushnell.
I've always recognized myself more in Carrie, certainly not for her sense of style or for her wonderful figure, but more so for her spirit of initiative and her romantic nature, for her originality and her creativity.

Well... what can I say... last night instead I felt different... I felt alive, enthusiastic. Excited! (Or maybe as my friend Sammy says, liberated).
After a pleasant evening in the company of 3 friends, I retired for the evening in sweet company. It's great when a smile or a glance can speak 100 words.

And this is where the splendid, sensual and provocative Samantha Jones enters my world. Remember those sometimes comical, adventurous, crazy scenes, in the series? I used to feel so entertained in watching how Samantha could flip an otherwise embarassing negative situation and turn it into something to laugh about; how her dialogue, so direct and upfront, almost became an extra character to the show.

Well, let's just say that last night I identified with her somewhat. What is there to be said when your piercing gets stuck in someone else's belt? What are you to do when your cellphone goes off right at the least appropriate time? Nothing, nothing... as the Countess would say, just improvise and move on from there!!
At the end of the night, all that matters is the shared laughter and the naughty complicity.

I hope that each of you may find a bit of Samantha in yourselves every now and then, as it never hurts... especially when the day after, at work, your co-workers tell you that you should find Samantha a bit more often!

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Thursday, June 07, 2007,12:51 AM
Dedicated to my Italian friends - Dedicato ai miei amici italiani
Per tutti voi che mi seguite con fatica... ho creato un nuovo space msn livespace.

SSC and the City

Ci vediamo lì!
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