Sunday, April 29, 2007,5:28 PM
Days go by...
It's been a while since I've written in here. I guess haven't had much to say.
I've been trying to keep a steady path. There's been a lot going on in my mind. I've been working on a lot of personal goals. Not so much materials goals, but I've been working a lot on my inside self.
Things with my friend Milena have rally gone down hill. I've been talk to my friend Francesca about it, about the mistakes I've made in the past, about my personal flaws, about how I am.
I know I'm not perfect. There's a lot about me I'd like to change.
I sometimes take a step outside myself and try to look in and see. I'm surrounded by a family that has issues. We are a very lively bunch, to out it nicely!

I think I'm maturing, I'm recognizing and seeing what I don't like and trying to change that.
It hasn't been an easy task, but finally I'm realizing that sometimes it's ok to just let go of things.

I'm the type of person that wants things right here and now. When I have a goal, or something I deem necessary to do, I want it done yesterday. When I have a problem or something on my mind, I want to tackle it from every angle. I dwell on it, think about it, turn it upside down and inside out. I know not everyone is like that, and realizing and accepting that we're all different is part of this maturing process I've set myself.
Part of my problems with other people, with people I care about anyways, was the fact that I often try to impose what i deem is best and I guess what often work for me, doesn't necessarily work for others. I find it hard to give up on what I believe is important and accept that dping something another way too is also ok.

This may seem trivial to some, but for me it's been very hard to accept. I'm a perfectionist, and sometimes allowing other people to work at their own pace is hard. I don't think I'm better than others but I can be picky on how I think things should be done.

I don't want to blame my family and my upbringing for my shortcomings or for the flaws in my character, but your parents, their ways and how you were brought up inevitably leave their mark. You're somehow influenced in seeing the world in a certain way, your view is tinted by the filters they put before you. I'm trying very hard to recognize this, and accepting these limitations in my character has not been easy. Sometimes you feel like crap when you realize that you've unwillingly hurt someone or made a bad impression. Accepting this and openly admitting it takes great strength and great balls. Not everyone is ready to publicly voice their mea culpa.
I feel good about myself for having done this, and I think that recognizing and pinpointing the problem is half of the job done, already. Admitting you're wrong or that you have a problem is the hard part. Working on yourself to fix the issue can be done. Sure it costs a lot of constant effort and strong will. It takes time and perseverance.
I am determined to keep working on myself to improve my life and the life of others around me.

If only others would stop to take a look in the mirror and work a little on themselves a bit, we'd all live happier, more serene lives. Sometimes it takes so little to make others smile.
It's time we all stopped to smell the roses every now and them.

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Tuesday, April 17, 2007,10:29 PM
Reposted from Sunday April 15th
Today was a good day.

I spent some quality (phone) time with my fiancé. *sigh*

I got an unexpected invite to go for a stroll downtown (it was a gorgeous warm sunny day).

I got another invite from some other friends to go for the typical Italian Sunday evening "Aperitivo".

I had fun on all counts.
It's on days like this that you realize that it really doesn't take much to make you happy...

I remembered to take my camera with me today, so while downtown, I was able to take a lot of great shots. Well... I think they're great, anyways!

Check them out!

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Tuesday, April 10, 2007,1:25 PM
Why I love America...

Would You Like Fries With That?
Originally uploaded by my new clever name.
... because you guys manage to make a joke out of just about anything!!

Gotta love a good sense of humour!!

; )
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Tuesday, April 03, 2007,2:06 AM
My First Fickr meet

Sunday was the best day ever!!! Not only did I go on my first Flickr meet, but I went on my very first "serious" photographic excursions!!! I mean, there were real top notch photographers here... lemme tell you! Did I feel like a baby in the shallow end of the pool, with arm bands and everything or what!

My friend and I went very late... most people met at 11am. We only decided last minute and got there at about 6pm!! Luckily daylight saving time has set in, so we had an extra hour of light.

I found it VERY hard to choose one picture from today. I think I did pretty good and took some great shots, all considering the limitations of my basic digital camera.
However, this was my choice. I hope you all like it!

I rarely ever brag but please do take some time to see the entire set, or, if you prefer, the slide show. Some really are worth your time, I promise!
Feel free to give feedback... most appreciated!

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