Friday, February 23, 2007,1:05 PM
The hidden wonders of a woman's purse
Have you ever noticed how men have a problem with the contents of a woman's purse?
I've experienced this first had several times, and got confirmation of it again, last night!

I'm sure most of you recall my photo diary that I'm keeping on flickr. Well, for yesterday's photo, I decided to take a picture of the contents of my purse. The comments I got back were very interesting....
Casey said to me that he was "bewildered as usual when contemplating the contents of a woman's purse".
Daniel asked if it is "normal to feel guilty when looking at the picture of a woman's purse" as if to suggest that he feels guilty when looking at the actual contents itself too.... and understood Casey's bewilderment.
Ted dared to say "I have been married for the longest time and still feel like a child about to be caught when I am forced to look inside her bag...nope don't like to go there - too many sharp things !"

Hello... sharp things?? What does he take us women for, serial killers who carry around a serrated knife or knitting needles?? Hahaha.. can you guys picture "Killer Granny" who terrorizes the neighbourhood and little kids with her purling??

I remember I went out on a date once with a guy who would barely even hold my purse for me, when I had my hands full... I mean, it's not like I wanted him to go walking round with is as a new fashion accessory or anything... I just wanted him to hold it for a second, because I had my hands full with something else. I told him it was OK... and that he could touch it, it wasn't going to bite him! He told me that he felt uncomfortable... I recall asking him to get me a tissue from my purse, because my hands were wet and I needed to dry them off... or something like that. Boy, was that a mistake, he near had a heart attack! He said that he felt awkward putting his hands in a girl's purse, even his sister's. I told him that it was OK and that he wasn't going to find anything "inappropriate" or embarrassing and that I gave him the go-ahead. Nope, it was a no go.... I had to get the darn things myself! So much for being there for your gal, right??

We have a saying in Italian that seems rather fitting at this point, which I guess could be translated to something that goes a bit like this... "He who does things on his own, makes for three". It basically means that if you do things yourself, you're probably more likely to get them done faster, as if there were three of you! Cute huh?? Nothing like age old wisdom, I say!! Our ancestors knew what they were talking about!

As for men and their issues with female products and their purses, I think they feel they're violating our most intimate sphere of "personal" or something, as if there's some boundaries that you just can't overstep. Whether that's true or not, I'm not sure. What I do know for sure is that
if a woman asks you to go in her purse and get her something, it's OK... if a woman needs assistance for you to hold her purse, it's OK... if a woman is showing you a picture of the contents of her purse, go ahead and look, it's OK!!
As for your feelings of squirmy discomfort and unease..... get over it!

So much for being the stronger sex!!

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Thursday, February 22, 2007,2:58 PM
Darius - Incredible
You said its over
I said that's ok
I wasn't in to you anyway
I told you lately
You irritate me your laugh is too loud
You're the last girl I'd look at
If you were in a crowd

Could you tell?
I was lying and hiding the truth away
And what I really wanted to say

Is you are incredible you are amazing
You blow my mind one of a kind
I'm having a meltdown
You are incredible you are amazing
But sometimes telling the truth
Is easier said than done,
Don't leave baby -
Now that's what I meant to say

My world's not ending I'll be just fine
That's what my mouth said
But not what I felt inside
I told you baby,
You're not the answer to all of my prayers
Cos I like my girlfriends in short skirts with longer hair

Could you tell?
I was lying and hiding the truth away
And what I really wanted to say


Well I said I didn't care about what you felt about me
Couldn't care less about what I said or done
I didn't mean it - it's not what I meant to say
You know the truth is that I care
About what you think about me
Maybe too much, I've been putting on a front
I didn't mean it - and what I meant to say

Is you are incredible you are amazing
You blow my mind one of a kind
I'm having a meltdown
You are incredible you are amazing
But sometimes telling the truth
Is easier said than done, yeah yeah
Telling the truth is easier said than done.
Can't you see
Telling the truth is easier said than done.
Don't leave baby now that's what I meant to say
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Tuesday, February 20, 2007,1:10 PM
Of life conciderations and other stuff
My friend Heather is a great thinker. She has a thirst for unanswered questions that is like no other. Her deep, intelligent posts keep me entertained yet provoke lots of thinking and introspection on my part. I like to follow her ideas with thoughts of my own... often some of my best posts are answers or comments to her own posts.... I know I've said that before, and I'm a firm believer of that still.

One of her latest posts that got me thinking had to do with the idea of knowing where you're headed; what lies ahead and having plans to making sure that your life path leads to where you want to go.
I told her that more often than not we have a plan, much more than we think we do. There are some things we want from life and other things we don't care for.
Sure... you might not exactly know where you'll be in five years... hell you may have no clue, but isn't that part of living life anyways?

I think it's pretty hard to have everything worked out to the T... and some element of surprise and "fluke" encounters are what make life interesting anyways...
If I had to think back to the kind of plans I'd made, I'd still be stuck with my ex in an unhappy relationship... instead, look at the "curve ball" life threw at me: one random night I'm in a chat room and I meet a guy who became a friend, then later became my boyfriend and now I'm engaged to him!
Sure, sometimes not having plans sucks.... but other times it can be so great!!

I think Heather knows who she is and what she wants in life, but it's always good to be open to any chance meeting or fluke that may cross our paths.

I love ya, girl!

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Thursday, February 15, 2007,5:48 PM
Valentine's day alone
Yesterday was a pretty normal day for me. I never gave Valentine's day much relevance, thought I always thought it nice to receive flowers, a card, a gift. Better yet would be to be able to spend the day with your loved one, sharing the day, doing something special together and just spending time together. Unfortunately I'm not able to do that, because Michael is far. As silly as Valentine's day can sound, knowing that most of the couples around the world are doing something special, having to sit at home just isn't fun.
Luckily I did go out though. I spent the evening at the usual pub I go to every Wednesday, with my friend Francesca. We meet up with other friends of hers and just spend the time chatting and having fun.

I came home afterwards and spent some time on the phone chatting to my sweet Valentine and told him how much I miss him!
Then I had a sweet moment all of my own: choc chip cookies and a nice cold glass of milk! YUM

Hope all of you had some sweetness in your day!

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,4:30 PM
A woman has to know how to rely on her self
There's nothing more satisfying than being able to rely on yourself in times of need.
I guess you could say my very eventful evening made up for a very uneventful day.
On Sunday I went to eat chinese with my sister Claudia. We don't really ever go out together, she's 7 years younger than me... (I'll be 31 this year, she's 24), but I'd been wanting to go eat chinese for some time now, and we're home alone this week, seeing as the parents are on vacation... so we made a night out if it...
Well, as we later found out, it became an adventure!

We had a great meal, talked about a lot of stuff, we got on really well... (we don't always - we have very different personalities...). On our way home, as soon as we hop in the car, I hear a funny noise coming from outside... so my sister asks me to stop the car and she hops out, only to confirm her suspicion... we had a flat tire! Ugh, pain the ASS!!!
No problem, really... I've changed a tire several times... no big deal right?? WRONG!!!! Try changing a tire with no jack!!! I dare ya, try it!!!
As you can guess... the darn jack was missing... where it went to, who the hell misplaced it I have no idea, but Alex was not a happy camper!!

Luckily all was not lost, as we were close to a pub, so I walked in and spoke to the owner, who kindly lent me his jack.... 20 or so minutes later, we're on the road again... and all is well, except for my back!
Oh well.... it'll be something to tell the kids about!

Oh and all the while, I did this wearing my new boots!!! Boy would I have been pissed if they'd have gotten scuffed or scratched... luckily they didn't, so you can all sleep tonight!


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Friday, February 09, 2007,5:05 PM
The pleasures and pains of having a new job
Yeah so... I'm here at work, on a Friday afternoon (currently 5.02pm) and have nothing to do!
Hey don't get me wrong, I know some day, somewhere down the road I'll be complaining about the pile of work I'll have... how I don't have time to come up for air, but right now... zzzzzzzzz... I'm booooored!!!
See the things is, by contract my hours are 11am-7.10pm mon-thurs, and 11-6.50 on Fridays.
I can't complain really... means I don't have an early morning wake up call (wish is nice), plus it gives me time to do a couple of things in the morning before coming in to work, if I need to.

I have been temporarily placed at a desk in the Business Support System division, while the secretarial position is next door. This week end they are going to knock down a wall and create a bigger working space, to accommodate my desk. That way I'll be in the same room as my other two colleagues.

Because of the renovations which will take place over the week end, we've had to box everything up: phones, PCs, stationery etc. so I am now stuck at my empty desolate desk with nothing to do but surf.... *sigh*... it's a hard life!!

So yeah... the blog post is more of a time killer really.... only another hour and 40 minutes to go... yay!!!

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Tuesday, February 06, 2007,10:15 PM
So far so good!
Everything is so colourful in my office!! It just puts you in a great mood, as soon as you walk in the door!
I think a happy and friendly work environment is so important. It causes less stress and makes concentrating easier.... that's what I think anyways!

Today was another easy day. I have to admit, I feel bad for just sitting around and not doing much. I feel so helpless and dumb!
I did some test exercises on their software I'm learning... it's not really hard... it's just a matter of getting the hang of their codes and abbreviations and such...
What's keeping me from actually doing any work is that for now my desk is in another room, just next door to the other PAs... so I have to keep going in and out to see what they're doing and get the hang of this. They still need to set up my phone and add some content on my pc.... but they'll get round to it soon enough...
For now, I'm observing and absorbing like a sponge!

I had to wait 'till almost everyone was gone to take these shots (I stay back later than most people anyways)... I'd probably get fired if they knew I was taking pictures!! I'm sure there's lots of competition that would love to get their hand on inside info!

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Thursday, February 01, 2007,7:46 PM
'Cause I'm the shit!!!
Oh I am so fucking cool, you have NO idea!!
I've had somewhat of a roller coaster week!!
It all started LAST week, when I went in for an interview with this really BIG huge company, that is doing very well. It's an Italian company that has pretty much has no competition so you could say it has a monopoly in its field.

They liked me and called me up again on Monday and asked me to go in for a 2nd interview yesterday. Now... you know how they say things always come in twos right? Well... as soon as I was done setting the date in my calendar for that interview, my cousin calls me up, telling me that a friend of hers has a job for me. So I speak to this friends who asks me to meet up with her the next day (Tuesday).
So Tuesday I go in an she tells me she needs some help for some PR work and press releases for this exhibition which is taking place in March. It's only a month's wort of work, but very cool nevertheless. Now I think you're getting the picture here... there's a sort of dilemma... or the start of a possible one... This lady here hires me on the spot. Great, cool... this is neat. But what about the other company? I don't know where I stand with them yet, as I have yet to meet them for my 2nd interview. I can't say no to this lady here, without knowing if L is gonna hire me right?? So what do I do? I go ahead and say yes to her.

Tuesday rolls around and I go to the interview at L. I can tell they like me... they tell me that if I pass this 2nd interview, there will be a 3rd, with Mr. BigWig himself, the guy who I'd be directly under, seeing as the position is for PA to Mr. BigWig #3... yeah he's the #3 of the Big Ass company. Shit!??!!! right?? So, the Head of HR steps out a sec and then walks back in and says "OK... tomorrow 10am." I'm like, WTF?? What just happened there? Suddenly my brain clicks and I realize she wants me come in tomorrow to meet Mr.BigWig himself.
Shit that's fast... they must really like me!

So "...tomorrow 10am" was of course today. I went in, waited about 45 minutes and then finally got called up. The head of HR is there and the head of Personnel... (yeah don't ask me the difference, I have no idea!). They tell me that there will be no meeting with Mr. BigWig because he had a sudden urgent meeting, but they talked to him about me and *drum roll please* they've decided to hire me!!!!

Soooo... you're now looking at the new PA to Mr. BigWig IT Manager at L!!
Tomorrow I'm signing my contract!

Everybody help me say ..."Show me the money!!!!"


If you're wondering what that picture is... it's the back to my new Moo cards. And just like me, they rock too!! Oh and yeah... the card is sitting in the rock salt box.... get it?? Rock salt... I rock?? LOL I'm dumb! But hey, I'm allowed to be dumb, I'm officially employed now.... goes without saying I had to turn the PR job down, but it's cool. This is the way I want it!

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