Friday, December 21, 2007,9:12 PM
Oh so close!
It's been really hectic at work lately. I guess everyone's just trying to tie up all the loose ends before the holidays.
This past week has been pretty busy!

Tonight we went to a party in a Villa some guy rented out for his birthday.. (a friend of a friend, you know how these thigns work...).

We had a good time, but it was a pretty interesting ride all the way there!
First off, I get my head bitten off because we have to wait for Hotel boy to come down, as he fell asleep!
So we get to the hotel t pick him up and he's not answering his phone! So I decide to go up to his room and get him, but he finally answers so then we wait for him in the car. In the meatime Flavio is getting impatient and decides to take it out on me.

Then, we fianlly are ready to leave as am I'm pulling out of the Hotel drive way some crazy lunatic almost hits me! Basically... this guy was driving at about 130 kms an hour!
I'm at the interection, I look behind me to make sure no one is coming and sure enough the road is clear. So I'm pulling out and already in the lane and all of a sudden I hear this screeching, braking noise! I look to my left and there's this car right up next to me... I swerve to the right and avoid the collision! We barely just tap each other's side mirrors and then both stop.

So I'm in the car, on the right side of the road, while this guy has stopped further ahead on the left.
He jumps out of his Mercedes and comes at me with a violence and anger I'v never seen before in my life!

Luckily i'm not alone as I have hotel boy next to me and Flavio in the car behind me.
We immediately lock our doors and just sit there calmly, waitign to see what's going to happen next. So the thug comes at me shouting all kinds of swear words (very educational, I must admit...) and starts pounding his fists on my window. I'm afriand he's going to shatter the glass, but fortunately he doesn't.
He then storms back to his car... checks his side and then gets back in and drives off.

As you cna imagine I am compeltely speachless, yet calm. Hotel boy makes sure I'm ok and then we drive off again.
I will admit... my legs were jelly at this point, but I managed to stay clear and focused. I can't believe what has just happened and that I was so able to avid the hit, but staying it the car and not doing anythind was the best thing that could have happened!

So, after taking a depe breath, we're back on the road again.
We're driving and then we get lost... all the while with Flavio getting impatient and Alex's patience being put to the test!

WE FINALLY get to the party. After a few drinks and some good music, Alex finds her smile again!

It was a pretty eventful night but I manage to have a good time anyways.
On ou way home, we stop off for a late night snack... McDonald's... LOL
Hotel boy and I stop and talk and before you know it, it's 5 am!

I really enjoy the wind down part of the night... sitting and talking in the car, like there's no care in the world always make me smile.

We're just friends hotel boy and I.... yet I feel like there's more.
I won't ponder it further, there's no point... but still... talking 'till 5 am feels like heaven!

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