Saturday, December 22, 2007,11:45 PM
Max's dinner Party
I barely got a chance to sleep in today... I had a few errands to run, tidy up my room and sort a few things.
I also had to cook as I was invited to dinner over at Max's tonight, and we'd all been asked to brind a dish.

In the afternoon hotel boy called and asked me if I wanted to go shopping dowtown with him, as he wanted to pick up a few things. So I get there to the hotel to meet up with him, as the subway is close to his place, and he asks me to sit in the car with him a second.

He then hands me a little package... my Christmas gift!
He told me that he wasn't going to get me anything because I don't celebrate Christmas and he felt stupid getting me something.. but then he surprised me!
I told him that it was ok and that I'd always gotten gifts from my close friends so he should just do what he feels, regardless. The fact that I was going to get him something shouldn't have to influence him.
Anyways... he got me a really cool belt by Jean-Paul Gaultier... Madonna's favourite designer LOL

After thanking him we hopped on the train and went downtown. We jumped from one store to the next... shopping with hotel boy is crazy! Hahaha he was in such a rush! My feet were sore!
I did however manage to stop long enough to take a picture of the Fendi building, all decorated and lit up especially for the Christmas.

Afterwards I had to rush home to go and cook for tonight's dinner, but unfortunately, the road was completely blocked due to yet another accident! ARGH!!

My mom called me as she saw that it was getting late and I wasn't home yet. She knew I had to cook and so was wondering where i was. When I finally got home, I'd found she'd cooked for me!! Awww I love her! She saved my life! Hahaha

Anyways dinner was a blast! We had fun just eating great food, dancing and generally being silly!

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  • At 3:31 AM, Blogger HeatherLynn

    You never told me he bought you a x-mas present. That's very thoughtful of him.

    I'm happy that you've found someone to share some special moments with, even if perhaps the relationship will forever be a bit of a question mark in the history of you.