Wednesday, November 07, 2007,6:57 PM
Autumn Days
What a wonderful day we had on Saturday!!!
We were blessed with a gorgeous fine November sunny day. The crisp fine air was nicely warmed up by a wonderful bight sun!

We went on a mini road trip to Ariccia, in the area that is better known as the Castelli Romani ˜ aka Roman Castles.
The area is beautiful... the Pope has his summer residence nearby, at Castel Gandolfo. Lucky bugger! lol

People come from neighbouring towns and from Rome to eat in the typical fraschetterie, sort of homely, rustic type places, run by family. The service is very plain and simple. The food is great and the prices are dirt cheap!
The typical local dish is porchetta, but seeing as it's pork, I've never had it. Can't say I'm tempted to even try it.... just looks so nasty lol... but I'm told it's devine!

Afterwards we went for a walk in the nieghbouring town, Nemi. Nemi is right on the Nemi lake, a beautiful natural lake, that is famous for its sunken Roman ships.
This small town is also famous for its tiny wild strawberries, which have a very distinctive sweet taste. They almost taste like grapes! I love them... but they are hard to find outside of the area. They are about the size of a large peanut... quite unique!

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