Tuesday, October 30, 2007,12:03 PM
I finally got a few things done round the house... or my room rather. My closet was just going apewire.. looks like a bomb had gone off in there... it was time to patiently refold and sort it out!
I said godbye to all my summer clothes and put them away too... I always hate doing that. Summer is my favourite season!

There was a band and small parade going on outside, because of some patron saint's holiday, or some church celebration... who knows... they always have some random reason to celebrate apparently.. Hahaha
Yeah... I'm not too educated on catholic holidays LOL

Anyways I decided to step out on the balcony and take a look. It's been prtty warm over the past couple of days. Makes a nice change after the Siberian cold we'd been experiencing during the week prior.

Looks like the neighbours in the building in front were watching what was gonig on down below too!
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