Friday, October 27, 2006,7:53 PM
Busy Busy Me!

Who'd ever think you could be so busy, when you don't have anything to do?
See... I've always been one for being resiliant.
I don't really like to sit around and do nothing... so I find things to do. Now... this doesn't mean I go 'round the house, all crazy, opening closet doors or looking in old boxes to see if there's something I can tidy or throw out (like my mom likes to do.... that's just looking for trouble if you ask me. That's called insanity!).
It's more that we all have projects that have been sitting on our to-do list for months... you should see how long my list is!
Well... now is the time for me to do my to-dos!
So, where to start. Well first off I started re-knitting an old scarf I had and never wore. It was just too wide and kind of unpractical, so I unravelled it all and started over. It's coming out pretty nicely! (I still have to finish it... I got sidetracked!)

Then, I've gotten back to jobsearching. So everyday I check my emails, check the online job search engines and various job sites, send out emails, fax out my CV, etc. (Still waiting on a call for an interview!!!). I've also started buying the paper too.

Alos, I've had a crappy office chair for a while now, and it's just very uncomfortable. Well.. to be honest the chair on its own is fine. It's just that it's a bit too low for my desk and when looking up at the monitor, I stretch my neck too far. (OK... I just wanted a new one. Is that so bad???).
So yesterday I went to Ikea with my sister. I'm totally broke and said to myswelf before walking in the door: "You're only here to buy a chair. That's all... in, find, out.... it's pretty simple."
Yeah, simple.... that's what I thought, but we all know I was kidding myself right?
Any of you familiar with Ikea? It's like the grown-ups' toy store. Anything and everything you ever wanted for your home, office, garden, vacation home, is there. All in one large building.
It's heaven for all furniture lovers!
Needless to say I came home with an extra candle, a comforter set and a cool 5 -in-1 pant hanger. Boy that felt good.... and who said shopping wasn't a drug? Sure it is... it's an anti depressant! No, better yet.... it's a stimulant. It excites me waaay more than coffee!! I'm on a high all day, after that! I was good though. I spent very very little.... *insert picture of halo here*

So I got home, and assembled my chair. Oh yeah, didn't you know? That's the best part of Ikea furniture... you get to assemble it yourself! It gives you such a feeling of accomplishment, you have no idea! And considering that I'm wasting my time doing zilch, I might as well put it to good use, right?
So after my DIY chair assembly, I moved on to organise my closet. I have that new 5-in-1 hanger right? This allowed me to get rid of a whole lot of hangers and make some extra space in there. It was a well needed change!
Now... seeing as I was sorting out one side of my closet, I had to tend to the other, don't you think? I mean, you wouldn't want your other side of the wardrobe getting jelous right?
You see, I keep all my shoes in the other side. Boxes and boxes of shoes, (<--- Imelda Marcus fan here folks!) and all my bags. Bags of all sizes. Big ones, small ones, bags for when i go to the beach, work bags, stuff to carry documents in... you name it.
This closet was just a mess. Now this task I had been putting off for months! This was a real high priority on my to-do list. It was time to tackle the job!
I dived in.... and came out a winner! I found a spare box from where I would usually stow away my summer clothes (seeing as I left most of them in Indy) and decided to neatly put all my baags away in there. I also tossed out some old shoes and clothes I no longer wear. Man... do I have a lot of shit! Way too much stuff. I always think to myself "can you imagine if all stuff I'm throwing away right now, just suddenly transformed itself into the cash I spent to buy it??".
I mean, just picture your pile of crap (old clothes, old shoes, old bags, old books... you name it). Thta's a lot of stuff right? Now picture it all vanishing in one big *poof* and in its place, picture now the bills of $,€, £ or even yen spent on it. Yeah I know... makes me cry too.

So now that I had my room almost perfectly tidy (I still have a couple of more taks to tackle, but that'll be for some other time.... can't actually cross off everything on my to-do list, can I?), I can sit down at my desk and start on some "IT" work I need to do. I have to put together my online portoflio, so I can qucikly show people what I've done. I also wanted to write to a friend of mine who's in the British Royal Navy. He's been shipped off somewhere undiscolsed to us civilians and he's bored out of his mind, so I promised I'd write him a letter. With that hand-written letter, I put together a cd compilation for him, so that's some IT going on there!

And now to get to my latest craze to keep me busy... moo cards!!! They are simply awsome!! There's no other way to describe them! Well... OK. I could tell you that they're sort of like business cards, but a lot smaller. They are anything you want them to be. You can add personalised text on the back, and on the front you can have printed your pictures from Flickr, or cute catchphrases, using skype smileys.
If you don't know those two websites, why the hell not??? They are truly amazing and have changed my life so much. I couldn't live without skype. It's my only means of communication with michael, nowadays. As for Flickr. It's a whole world of beauty and imagery and photography all in one place. All right there on your monitor screen... and so much more!

I've ordered my 10 free skype moo cards. You can order some too. They will ship anywhere!! Just use the promo code freebie. Hurry though... the promotion is only available for a few more days. As soon as I get mine, I'm going to send a couple out to people. There's a group in Flickr called Moo Me, for all those people who want to swap Fickr Moo cards.
It's the "Garbage Pail Kids" collector card scenario all over again... only difference now is... I'm 30!!!!
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Monday, October 23, 2006,6:13 PM
Twitching fingers
Here we have satellite TV instead of cable. We get lots of programs both from American and English TV. We get all the good series and dramas and al the cool movies. I have to say, I can't complain.
There are of course lots and lots of crummy Italian channels. As you can tell, I don't watch them. They are just plain lame. Italian TV isn't all that amusing. Actually I find it kind of offensive 'cause the programs are just dumb and seem to cater to people who have an I.Q. of no higher that 12.
Seeing as I believe to be somewhat more intelligent than that (even if only slightly), I tend to not watch Italian TV.

Of course, like any good rule of thumb, there is always the exception and this is where the channel Real Time, comes in. I'm assuming it's based on a foreign format, as most cooler programs and channels nowadays are. Italian TV buys the rights to reproduce the format, in Italian, with Italian presenters, etc. The channel itself isn't bad... but the one program on there I actually really like is Paint Your Life. It's a program dedicated to home decorating and small easy-to-create-at-home crafts, a sort of decorative DIY.
I've always been a creative person and always felt I should be a lot more artistic than I actually am. I mean... I always have lots of ideas, but never put them to use. Mind you, this summer while I was in Indy I decided to make a blanket for myself. I didn't knit it, I sewed it. I went out and bought some fabric and sewed it together, kind of how you make a patchwork blanket, except I only used two different kinds of fabrics, one for each side of the blanket.
I got so into it, I even made two more for my friends and another smaller one for my new born baby cousin! His mother (my 1st degree cousin) loved it!!!

So I got back into watching this program. The new 2nd series has just started and so far I've seen a couple of projects I'm rally interested in. I love making things with my own hands, it gives me such a feeling of accomplishment and let's face it, right now I'm not really accomplishing much. I'm back into that "looking for a job" routine I so hate. It's so depressing, not to mention how bored I get sitting at home all the time, doing diddly squat!

I think I'm going to make a couple of things I saw for this year's Christmas presents. I think receiving a hand made gift, made by the person who's actually giving it to you is so much nicer, don't you?

God I miss the store Michael's!
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Wednesday, October 18, 2006,3:45 PM
Summer in Indy - a recap
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Monday, October 16, 2006,5:41 PM
Back into the swing of things
Remember the movie Sleepless in Seattle? could say the movie poster sums it up huh? 'Course, Meg Ryan was blonde... but I tell ya.... that poster says it all! Divided under one great big sky.
It feels good to be back though, for different reasosn of course. It was good to see my friends again, after so long. Being back home, in my own room is so comforting. (Even though I have still to put away some things from my trip!!)
I'm ready to tackel this new autumn season and plunge myself back into job hunting. God those two words.... they carry so much meaning and responsability. I'm really going to try hard and do my best to find a job I so much deserve.
I'm done with the stupid odd jobs, part time tasks and undepaid wages. It's time I take my degree off the mantle piece and put it to use, right? I worked damn hard for that piece of paper, don't you think it's about time someone gave me a chance to put it to some use???
Meantime... I pray these last few months go by fast. Hopefully this will be the last leg of my onward life journey towards my future goals. I'm wanted, I'm needed. Michael, the USA, a wedding... all await in the wings.
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Thursday, October 05, 2006,8:56 AM
I lie awake with a million things racing through my mind. I had a friend ask me to post an update knowing this will be my last before I head back home.
Michael lays asleep beside me, curled up in his sleep, in his thoughts, in his dreams. I can't help but think of all the things we've shared in these three months, all the things endured, all the laughter and days spent together.
I think about all the things I have left to do before I leave. All the packing that awaits me... (something I hate to do, when it's packing to go home). All the errands to run, to make sure we get the final papers signed and copies made, before we send out yet another application. (Just to answer the question, in case you're wondering what I'm referring to, we had to re-apply for my visa seeing as the last one we sent out got lost somewhere between Postal Options and the Nebraska Service Center. Cool, right??)

There is no way to describe what these three months have meant to me, what they have been like and what they have tought me. Coming back and being with Michael again, after being part for so long is like learning to ride a bike, all over again. You think you know someone, and in a way you do, but being apart from them for so many months can sometimes make you forget how the pieces of the puzzle fit. It takes time to re-adjust. It takes time to learn all over again how exactly the two of you combine, how you complement each other and in what ways.
You have to learn and understand all over again that the both of you are different and each have your own ways about going about things. It's like moving in together for the first time, and having to go through that trial period, over and over again, every time you are together again.
Don't get me wrong. We now know more than ever that we want to be together, that no matter how hard or how long this will take, it is definately what we want. But sometimes you loose sight of the end result you're trying to achieve, when life throws you those curve balls.

We have got to know one another all over again. We have fallen in love and made love like it was the first time. It's almost like re-discovering one another. It truly is a magical experience that can't be fully comprehended unless you yourself have experienced a long distance relationship.

Time has gone by so fast. It seems like I arrived only yesterday. It's heading towards winter and the tempretature is dropping. Soon I'll be back home again, back to my old routine and it will almost have felt like I was never here. As if the time spent together was almost like a dream... only the vague feeling and memory will remain, and all we will long for is to be together once again, for good.
I don't know if when we meet again, it will be to never part again. I don't know if my next trip to the US will be again just a visit or if it will be my final destination. All I know is that I hate to have to think that my whole will be halved again. This feeling of completeness and love I feel will be torn in half. It's like I've finally reached a level of completeness and love I am happy with. I feel I have a companion to share the rest of my life with and now that I finally have reached the top of the hill, I have to jump right off it, only to be left without direction, or to put it differently, I know my direction but have to face the path alone.
It has taken us three months to truly find a perfect balance and now that we've found it, it's going to be broken.

I can't bare to leave this all behind. I can't possibly even begin to imagine what pain I'll feel come sunday morning, as I turn my back on Michael and head through the security check. Every time it gets harder and harder to separate. Every time we grow closer and closer, and every goodbye hurts more than the one before. I know it's not forever, but the rest is so uncertain. You know that that one day is out there, when you'll be reunited for good but you just don't know when that moment will arrive. I only hope it will be soon, because the more time goes by, the more I know that Michael is my future, he is my one. He is the one who I want beside me, the one I want to share my path with.
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