Monday, September 18, 2006,2:33 AM
It's been a while...
Yeah I'm still alive, in case you're wondering where I've gotten to. I'm still in the US, still on my vacation... it's really been a fun time! (But hey, no doubting that right? I mean, what's not fun about a 3 month vacation, right??)
Anyways, last week end Michael and I finally managed to go on our roadtrip. Yeah aparently I'm told I took a vacation from my vacation.... hehehe.... what can I say, I saved up for this, I deserve to go, right??

We spent 3 days in Kentucky, the Bourbon state. Too bad 55 of the 155 counties are dry!! Would you believe that? I mean, we go down there expecting to pay less for bourbon, and yet when we get down there, there is none to be found for miles!
The only exception is Louisville. Down there you can even buy liquor on sundays, even though it's prohibited in the rest of the state. I am baffled by constant contradictions. It's something I've noticed a lot during my various stays in the US, but let's not get into that. Though amazingly contradicting at times, I still love it here. So many different things, such diverse habits and culture.
We spent Friday on Louisville, just walked about for a few hours. Saw some cool stuff. The town is really very pretty. The dowtown area is really colourful and alive. Lots of stuff going on, cool bars and really friendly people.

After walking around we headed back to our car and headed for Elisabethtown, where we had planned to spend the night. On the road motels are so cool... I know they are so cheap and common-place to many, but we don't really have those in Italy, so I always find them fun! Hahahah gotta love the "Continental Breakfasts"... (a doughnut if you're up early enough, or otherwise just coffee...)

Elisabethtown doesn't really have much to offer. It's another one of those towns which has only recently started reselling alcohol. Kinda crazy if you ask me. They only serve if with meals, except on sundays of course.... 'cause God would just get mad if you had a taste of it on Sundays!!! But no one bothered to inform us of this, so after our meal (which may I say was really good) we wanted to go to a really cool bar a couple in the area. It was bubbling with people and just seemed to be the happening place. So we get there, only to find out that there's a $5 cover charge (which we're totally cool with) but that's for an all you can eat buffet, then drinks are extra. If only we had known sooner! We just literally walked out of the restaurant, we were stuffed! I didn't even have room for a toothpick! We were really bumbed! We wanted to go have fun and have a drink before hitting the sack for the night, but we had to pass on that. The guy at the door was a good laugh though. He too found it crazy about the liquor laws.

Next day we set out to continue the trip, driving south to Mammoth Caves. They are natural caves, formed by the natural erosion of limestone over a period of 250 million years. The flowing of the river just ate away at the rock, creating over 360 miles of natural cave. It was pretty awsome!

We went on 2 two-hour guided tours, and then camped out there for the night. It was pretty cool. We got to make s'mores and everything!!
Next day was the distillery tours. We were really upset that, being a sunday, that meant not being able to purchase any bourbon, which sucks. I mean, how can you drive all the way to Kentucky to visit the ditillery of your favourite make of bourbon and not buy any right? I mean... we were on a mission, and had to come home empty handed, it sucked! There was not even any tasting or anything!! I mean, for pete's sake, they don't even produce any in the distillery!!! Effin conservatives!!!!
Let me just say that the whole area, the northern part of the state is just beautiful. The properties pout there are amazing. Huge, green vast fields. High maintenance too.... no farm-type fields. These are private properties cared and taken car of. It is the prime breeding region for race horses. These horse ranches are immense and just beautiful!

Unfortunately on our way down there my camera battery died on me, so I was only able to take one picture... enjoy!!

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