Tuesday, January 31, 2006,10:04 PM
My meme for the week...
I like to read Patrick's Memes and every now and then I find some that inspire me to play along.
So here' is today's question:

List up to seven sounds that make you happy or relax you.

1. laughter

2. waves on the shore

3. footsteps on fresh snow

4. icecubes jingling in a glass

5. a garden sprinkler

6. paper tearing as you unwrap presents.

7. knitting needles as the click together

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Friday, January 27, 2006,5:40 PM
Keeping things going

I've been trying to make a post in here for a few days, but haven't had any luck! I hate it when you actually have something nice to say for once or are maybe excited about something, content even... but then you aren't able to post about it! One time, the site was down for maintenace.... another time it just seemed dead all together.... another time I forgot to post.... and soon days went by and I lost all my excitement!!

Let's see if I can recall what I wanted to post about. ('Course, won't be as enthusiastic of a post, but hey... it'll keep you guys up to date with what's been going on in my mind these past few days!) :

~ Well... going back to my last post.. I calmed down and luckily cleared everything up with the culprit! He got whim that was a tad P'd off and decided to email me. So we cleared the air... all is cool now! Even had EricB worried about it, which was kinda sweet! Hehehe

~ The other night, while reading HeatherLynn's blog I remembered how fun it was when I used to take "Acqua Gym" classes... it's basically water aerobics. Man.. it was so fun! Heather was describing why she loves going to the pool so much, how free the water made her feel, how everything just seems to dissapear once you're surrounded by water, how it just cradles you and takes your aches, pains and worries away. And I have to agree... it just made me think back to how much fun I had. Her words evoked these wonderful memories. It was a good time then, but I just don't have the money for it right now. Going to the pool is one of the most expensive sports here, if you concider the fact that it doesn't require extra equipment. That's because pool maintenace has high costs for the clubs/pools, so you get what you pay for.

~ Every tuesday from 4-6 pm GMT I have my radio show. I've never really spent much time talking about Nekkid Radio, and maybe I should have....
I broadcast every tuesday on this great internet radio station. We have a wide range of listeners, who tune in from different parts of the world. The great thing about it is that each DJ, like me, broadcasts from home from their pc and plays their selection of music. No record labels to tell you what to play, when to play it. No commercial interests to push a certain single rather than another. But the thing we pride ourselves most with is the interactivity we have with the listeners. We have an instant messenger (ICQ #: 124486403) linked to the radio station, so that every DJ who broadcasts can access it and interact with the audience. This way people can chat, send in their musical requests and send messages to other people, friends and family who are tuned in. It's simply amazing. I have to say it is the most beautiful thing about Nekkid Radio. Not only do you get a wide variety of music played, but you are also able to speak to the people out there tuned in. You get to meet people from Sweden, from Chile, from the USA, from Australia, from Canada just to name a few places... makes you forget about the geographic boundries sometimes!
The reason I was wanting to write about this was another, though. This week's show had somewhat of a surprise in store for me! How so?? Well.... I had a NEW LISTENER! Yeah... my very own personal listener who tuned in just to hear ME!!! How exciting is that???
OK, let me explain... I have a few links posted on my blog, so that some of my readers can visit them and share my interests. And someone actually did!!!
I went to the Nekkid Radio website only to find that my friend the John had signed up to the website and was currently tuned to my show! How awsome is that! He even made a couple of requests, and said he really digged my music and the radio station! So the station just gained 1 new listener!!!

I love it when I get thrilled for stupid shit like this!!! Makes me smile
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Sunday, January 22, 2006,2:11 AM
that time of the month.... bitch rant
Wow I actually have something to bitch about. Should make an interesting read!
I ìreally didn't want to have something to post about that was good for this reason but when ya piss Alex of, ya piss her off!

Call my bigheaded, call me drama queen.... but sometimes when you cross a fine line of disrespect it gets to me.

Background facts:
~ I am a DJ for an internet radio station called Nekkid Radio. We broadcast on the net and also like to hang out in a video chat room on a video chat programme called CamFrog.

~ One of the radio station's owners has a chat room and for this chat room I created and designed a website. I did the graphic work, I created the log, i did the whole wbsite.

Recently, (2 hours ago) I found out that the website had been updated and the layout changed. Well changed is an understatement! The site is totally different!!!
Don't get me wrong... the site is not mine, I didn't get paid for it. I did it as a friendly favour. I like to do websites and work with graphics 'cause it's my way of learning and improving.

Now... when I discovered this, I was kinda pissed.... well still am really! I mean, this guy, the guy who owns the room is a friend. I've done lots of things for him, we help each other out constantly. It's not like he wasn't allowed to change anything, it is afterall his website, but sheesh!!! at least tell me... or ask me for help. I dunno.... I mean, I provided the graphics, if you needed them changed all you had to do was ask!!!!

I spoke to his wife who did the changes and she told me that he wasnted them done "now" and I wasn't around at the time.... cause you see it was soooo imperative that it be done right that second!
call me stupoid and immature.... fine, but you know what pisses me off the most?? That when I asked him about it, he said "Hey I had nothing to do with it... the wife is home from work, she was bored and decided to have some fun playing around with it!"
Wow, do you smell the smell of bullshit or what!!??!?! I spoke to her myself and she told me that wasn't the case!

I hate being made a fool of and being lied to. I mean at least be a man enough to own up right?
I dunno.... I just find it disrespectful... I slaved hours on that site, put a lot of hard work, heart and soul into it. Least you could do was mention it.... let alone ask for ME to change it!

That's the last time I'm doing anything for free!!!
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Wednesday, January 18, 2006,8:39 PM
Meme time...
So I thought I'd get back into the Meme gaming...

Taken from Patrick's Weekender:


Is blogging truly a forum for discussion, or does it still boil down to being about what the individual writer wants it to be about? Why or why not?

My answer

This question made me want to give my personal opinion. Firstly because I enjoy "blogging" so much and secondly because I learned about many people and many things because of it.

The way I see it, blogging is primarily a way of thinking out loud. Some people openly express political opinions or start "thought trains". Others talk about personal situations, about every day occurances in their lives. Others just find it fun to put down in writitng what goes through their minds. It's both a form of public discussion and at the same time is a form of individual writing.
I of course can only speak for myself. In my case I don't really imagine an audience when I write. I don't neccessarily stop to think or ponder about who might actually read this, though I know that some will. Some readers I know of, some readers I know personally, others I have no idea of who they are. I don't even know exactly how many people stop to read my posts. This is the individual part of my writing; I mainly write for me. I write about what is close to my heart, what touches me in a certain way and what I care about or what makes me tick. I find it a way for me to give liberation to some of the creativity bottled upside me.

On the other hand, I also know that some of my posts spark or provoke comments. That's good... that's welcome. If I didn't want people comenting I wouldn't have that function enabled on my blog. It doesn't matter whether I know the person or not. A good, healthy discussion keeps us alive. It keeps the mind bubbling... a good healthy argument is what makes me know that there are people out there that have a personal opinion and care about something, enough so to speak up about it. That's the public aspect of blogging.

Every one who has a blog, has one for their own personal reasons. That's up to them. I know that when I post I share a little bit of who I am.
That's me in simple complexity
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Monday, January 16, 2006,2:05 AM
Back for more...
Not much has happened since my last post. Sometimes I find it far more interesting to sit back, observe others... take it all in.

As my my pictures show, I went away last week end. I went skiing in Abruzzo. It's a central region, not far from Lazio, the region where Rome is in... about 3 hours away.

Anyways, this week has been pretty straightforward. The work week came and went. No significant changes, although I am trying to get more hours. We'll see how that goes.

Got some news regarding my VISA.... not good, kind of a setback. Seems like everything is harder than it first seems. The papers got sent back to us, seeing as they wern't filled out properly. I was pretty pissed when I foudn out. This sets us back 4 weeks. Now we have to re-submit them again. I am really afraid my june wedding will no longer be in June! I just hate not knowing!

One thing pleased me though tonight! I've been working on a video project... it's not as exciting as it sounds... it's just some pictures of me and my close friends, put together with some music. Anyways, I finally managed to get it working and emdedded in a web page, so I'm pretty pleased with myself! It's nothing major, but it sure feels good when you achieve something all on your own! Hehehe.... me self taught! Goooo me!!

If you want to view it....

365 days in Sunshinecity's world

just bare in mind it's a first attempt... be gentle, go easy with the criticism!!
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Tuesday, January 10, 2006,6:18 PM
a picture sometimes says more that 1000 words...
...or so they say.
This is my attempt to tell a story through pictures...
Beauty is in the eye of the beholder... this is what my eyes saw this week end....




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Wednesday, January 04, 2006,9:27 PM
Funny things about Italy and Italians
~ As soon as you get your degree (even a bachellor's degree) you immediately earn the title of "Doctor". So, for example, I am Doctor in Communication Sciences... meaning that I know more about that subject that your average joe.. (or am supposed to).

~ The mafia over here is no longer about gangsters and having people "offed". It's about having your way in politics... it's about dishonest, corrupt politicians and making dirty laws to suit your needs and to fill up your pockets, not those of the State's or the tax payer's.

~ We don't always eat pasta or pizza... and we don't stink of garlic!

~ We open our stockings on Jan 6th, and not at Christmas. It's a holiday called "La Befana" who acutally is an old witch who brings treats to good kids and coal to bad kids. So in our stocking rather than gifts, kids find candy and chocolates. More info.... and more...

~ Seeing as we're still on the Christmas subject... Dec 26th is a holiday here, known as Santo Stefano, St. Stephan's.

~ We don't really have a drinking age.. although supposedley you have to be 16 by law... but no one really adheres to it, as we've nevr had a problem with underage drinking.

~ If you live in Rome, you haven't ever neccessarily seen the pope!

~ And no... Italian's don't all talk with their hands

~ we too have sales tax... except we choose to include it in the final price tag... (how smart huh?)

.... more later, when i can think of other funny things.
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,1:43 PM
Another inspiring article...
A dear friend of mine wrote an aritcle on a website that I am a member of.
This Internet radio station (Nekkid Radio) has grown to be quite a large online international community. I have made many friends there and is where I met my fiancè!!! (I'll save that story for another post though!)

Max wrote and article, that made me think... as that often does. I like to read things that provoke in me a ntarual wish to reflect and maybe make a contribute of my own feelings on the subject or issue. So this is te reason for my post here today... to share this with you.

Max writes: (original post)

"1995 started off dominated by the aftermath of the asian tsunami which killed around 300,000 people. The year also gave us devasting hurricanes in the USA, terror on and under the streets of London, a horrific earthquake in Pakistan and continuing mayhem in Iraq. With 24 hour rolling news we tend to become desensitised to these tragedies unless we know someone involved or are in someway caught up in the events ourselves.

I'm writing this article in the hope that it at least encourages a few readers to reflect on their lives and consider how lucky they are.

This last Christmas many people would've spent a lot of time and money buying or trying to buy an Xbox 360, iPod, PSP or other expensive gadget. Much food and drink would have been eaten and drunk, much would have been thrown away. One can't help but think that Christmas and New Year have become one big commercial celebration of greed.

At the end of one year and the beginning of the next the media remind us what happened during the last year. I watched the 2005 reviews on tv and tragedies dominated them. Seeing tsunami survivors relate how their children were torn from their hands never to be seen alive again is quite sobering. Also sobering were the accounts of the London bombing survivors and relatives of the dead. I could go on to mention the Pakistani earthquake and American hurricanes etc but we all know what happened.

As a Brit it was a fabulous moment when I heard that London had won the 2012 Olympics, beating the French in the process. 24 hours later we were in shock as London was rocked by bombs. This was a good example of how fragile and short-lived joy can be.

During 2005 I've helped my mother get through cancer treatment and a series of operations, the last of which could be due within weeks. I have no other close family to help so it's all been down to me. My father also had an operation which happened to be on the same day that I was in hospital having injections and heat treatment in my lower back. In 2005 I found out that a young girl I once knew had died due to her injuries from a huge bomb-blast in Egypt. Her younger sister is still having her terrible injuries treated.

Personally it's been a miserable year and having no family around resulted in a quiet Christmas, which leads me to the point of this article. What matters in life is the people we love, those special people close to us such as our family. I know that other members of the NR family have had a rough time in 2005 and some may still be going through it. They and those who care about them will know what I'm talking about.

If we haven't become desensitised to the catastrophes then perhaps they can serve to remind us that there are usually people worse off than ourselves. They can hopefully make us feel grateful for what and who we have in our lives.

I wish everyone a happy and healthy 2006.

This was my reply....

"A good wake up call and an article worth writing. It's times like these that you wish you could just reach out and embrace the world and put hand to stop certain atrocities that unfortunately are out of our control.

Personally, I always think New Year's should be a moment for reflection, as we get ready to face another year and anxiously await what life has in store for us.
Thank you for reminding me that life has so much to give in the smallest most unperceptable ways sometimes. The pure essence of life and love sometimes lies right infront of us, we just need to stop trying so hard to be happy and count our blessings.

I just wanted to share that with you.
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Tuesday, January 03, 2006,12:10 AM
Random Thoughts of A Restless Mind - a blog that made me think...
I love the possibility of browsing other blogs. Not only for amusement, but sometimes for amazement!! I love to find bits of people's lifes on public display.... wander among the short extracts from their lives and pick up on things that sometimes ring true to me or that otherwise amuse me.

As I've been browsing and finding bloggers I enjoy, I have been adding them to my list of blog links. It's not a major priviledge... just a way of me sharing what I like or what makes me laugh or smile... or often even make me think. Yet another way of knowing who I am.

So reading... I found a girl who writes things I sometimes think about myself.
I found her posts to be really refreshing. I also found certain things she talks about very close to home. I dunno... I just like her style of writing, and her I guess! So I left a comment on one of her posts and this sort of started a back and forth of emails... I likeed our discussion, so with her permission, I've decided to post them here!!

This is where it all started: just a small extract from
Random Thoughts of A Restless Mind: Middle of the Night....Fading Intoxicants....Another Year has Passed.
"....Tonight I went out with my friends...ate the worst steak I've even had the displeasure of purchasing....drank two beers and two coconut rum/pineapple/organge juice mixed drinks. I played games, laughed profusely and at Midnight was kissed by TWO men....too bad they were two of my friend's husbands. I am a couple, yet i'm always uncoupled. Keith was at home sleeping.....he didn't want to go to Michelle's with me because he was tired.

See when we first got together I always told myself that I wasn't going to be one of those women who MADE their husbands do things. I wouldn't drag him shopping and make him hold my purse, I wouldn't do those things that other women do to their men. I just didn't want to be like that. Now, five years into this relationship, I've found that this theory on being free to make your own choices hasn't turned out like I had hoped. See it was my belief, that by NOT MAKING him do things he didn't want to, he'd appreciate me more and ultimately then WANT to do things as a sign of appreciation. Boy was I wrong.....men just don't think like that....

My comment to her post:
"I like your thoughts on men... kind of agree with you. I think it's a never ending topic though...
I'm in for a giant leap myself this year... one MAJOR move (from Italy to the US) and marriage! How giant of a leap is that?
It's ok.... it doesn't scare me... I've travelled a lot as a kid, changed homes many times. Only funny thing is though... last time I did this, 11 years ago, I promised myself it would be the last!
Do you think you (as in everyone)can ever be true to yourself? Do you think that when you decide something, that there and then feels right, you're allowed to change your mind? Or do we just change opinions to suit or later needs?"

"Being true to yourself....well yeah, I think we can....I just think many of us don't because of the harsh reality of what comes with actually doing it. Take relationships for instance....sometimes ending a relationship is what needs to happen, but because of fear or misguided loyalty, people stay, and stay unhappy as a result.....We all know for the most part deep down what we SHOULD do....just many of us don't have the courage to realize that we only get one shot at life...might as well put your best foot forward..you know!? Sometimes the choices we make are the right ones at the time, but later new developments alter our course....but the big ones.....usually won't sway much."

"I read your reply this morning before going to work.... thought about it some while in the shower. I wanted to find something relevant and not too obvious to say...
(please let me know if you mind this being public, as I think I'd like to put this little "thought debate" on my blog. I think that interaction is good for blog. I think it welcomes other readers to post too.... but only if it's ok with you!

So back to our topic... being true to yourself.
A couple of years ago I found my self in a situation where I knew deep in my heart what my feelings were regarding a person, regarding my boyfriend at the time. Many times I questioned if it was right to stay in the relationship or not.
I wondered if mine was just boredom of the moment, if maybe I was unhappy with small things but really overlooking the bigger picture. I kept saying to myself that I was just being picky, that really I was lucky to have him beside me 'cause, under all the small petty things, we really did love and care for one another. This was true... it was. No denying it... but to some extent. It's not like it was partially true. It was just not exact. The difference being, that the love and care we had for one another was there, but the love had changed over the years. The small things that I wasn't happy with, weren't so small after all. The tiny things we'd pick and argue or "squabble" about weren't so tiny. I cared about these minor issues and each time letting them slide, hiding them under the rug, made it so that one day the rug was hiding more that it could. The amount of things that we chose to simply ignore were no longer ignorable.
If I was to pick at them one by one, I don't think I could list any in particular. The main point was... fundamentally we never were "meant to be". We met young (I was 21 and he was 22) and we liked one another, as kids that age do. We really didn't know much about one another and we were pretty much different from one another too. But at that age, you easily settle and try to do what's best to stay happy and keep smiling.
In time we just drifted.... the things we had in common, weren't really there. The love we thought so strong faded. Gradually all we had left was just a strong friendship and a brotherly love.

All this to say, that sometimes when you have something deep in your heart... when you have a gut feeling, or your instinct tells you that something should be or shouldn't be done, maybe it's our hear and soul speaking to us. I always knew deep down that our relationship should have ended a year sooner than it did, but I chose to ignore the voice inside me for fear of hurting the other. I was scared of being alone after being part of a couple so long. To quote a girl I just met, I was a "
half of a whole that isn't quite whole". But I knew that my fears of what lies ahead, could not stop me.
Since then I have never looked back. Some things are just right the way they turn out, even when at first it all seems to be heading for a terribly wrong turn. You only know once you get there that the path you chose was indeed the right one. Sometimes we just need to breathe deeply and take the plunge! Follow that path, even if at times it's uncertain.

I don't know where you stand in your life or in your relationship. It's not my place, nor my right to even begin to ponder that. All I know is that sometimes certain things happen for a reason.
When I started noticing other guys around me, i knew that was a sign that I was ready to move on... it took me a while to figure that out, but eventually I did (and not because I had found another person that interested me).

Who knows what may come of this new "friendhsip"... (if I may call it that).... all I know is that I like what I read on your blog, and what I sense about you. And I enjoy the tennissing back and forth of ideas, stories and opinions.

The rest.... well that's up to you"

"Everything you wrote is a reflection of my own situation.....you words ring very true...strange to have someone living a paralell life as your own, but it sounds as though you have. I want you to know, I read every word of your reply and I'll be thinking about them long after this reply is sent."

The world is a big place, the human mind and soul a great enigma... but sometimes we find we can bridge the gap that seems to divide us.
I call this just that... a bridge between two worlds...
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Sunday, January 01, 2006,5:06 PM
The Meme Game....
"What is a Meme?" Some pronounce it so it's rhymes with dream; some pronounce it so it sounds like mem (from mem-ory).
In the context of web logs / 'blogs / blogging and other kinds of personal web sites it's some kind of list of questions that you saw somewhere else and you decided to answer the questions. Then someone else sees them and does them and so on and so on. I generally consider these to be actual questions and not some multiple choice quizzes that determine some result at the end (what color you are most like, what cartoon character are you, what 80s movie are you).

By some other definitions memes are viral and propagate around sometimes mutating as they propagate. Someone proposed something along the lines of some blog posts are viral, they write about something they see on one blog and the next person does the same sometimes their interpretation varies slightly changing the story.

Eventually some people decided they were going to creating weekly questionnaires (memes) and post them every week. Some are monthly, a few are daily and some are always there. Some suggest that you get five other people to do the same meme and they have to get five people (and so on), which sometimes increases their propagation.

For more info go to: The Daily Meme

ok so let's start...

Meme 1 ~ monday madness


1. Name 1 toy you owned when you were younger, that meant a lot to you.
2. Name 2 games you enjoyed playing as a child.
3. Name 3 foods you didn't like as a child, but do now.
4. Name 4 foods you didn't like as a child, and still don't like.

1. I have a very fond memory of this black and white teddy bear I had.... the kind that was all ruggedy, and lost an eye at one point... It was a hand-me-down teddy. The kind loved by more than one kid, a very loved bear!
2. I loved to play with my Barbie Dolls and I also loved to play inventor... I'd pick up things around the house, spare keychains, bolts, screws, plastic containers and actually think I was really able to create and build things such as a blender or a rocket!
3. Broccoli, zucchine, fried eggs
4. spicy food, chilli, brussel sprouts, fish

Meme 2 ~ the sunday seven

Question A:
You see your worst enemy drop a $20 bill. Would you tell him or her, or would you quietly pocket the money.

Of course I'd keep it!!! Besides the fact that a $20 bill is never to be snobbed at... this is my enemy we're talking about... finders keepers... that's what I grew up on!!

Check back regularly for more memes....

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,2:42 PM
New Year's Day - a reflection...
I feel for some reason that I should stop a minute to concider this year just gone by, make a balance of all that's come and gone. Take in, somewhat, the good and bad that has affected my life and those around me. It's not an easy task, but I'm in a bit of a reflective mood today, so I'm going to just let my mind wander.

I woke up this morning, (or this afternoon should I say!!) and logged on to my computer as always. I checked my mail, browsed those few sites I check on a daily basis and checked to see if I had voicemail on my skpye.

I've started to really get into blog reading again... I had somewhile back too, but then just sort of forgot about it.
I find it curious how us humans (or some of us) love to get so envolved in other people's lifes, of those we don't even know. We are curious creatures, always findind excitement in discovering things about people and our surroundings that either make us stand out from the rest or that equalize us to them. (Please try and follow my train of thought here... it's a rapid ride and a bit jumpy at times...).
I mean, how many times have you read something that made you think "me too..." or "oh that's the complete opposite of what I do".... I find great inspiration sometimes in using what others do as an example. Sometimes something a person has done, that I like and that makes me wish I had done, will inspire me, invigorate me... push me. I know this is something a bit redundant to say but it makes me want to achieve more and do better, when I see someone who has done something good or worthy of my notice.

From here, I stopped to think about all those people in life who, in their own small ways, have achieved something or done something far greater than many (on some minimal level of course... otherwise we'd be talking nobel prize or something...). You see... I just said far greater... yet talked about minimal levels. A contradicxtion I know, but I'm talking about those common thigns, that many can do, that yet only few did slighlty better, slightly more original.
How many of us in this world (out of the 6 billion wonderful individuals on this planet) actually get recognised for their qualities, for their merits get acknowledgement for their skills?
I know this is sounding so very blasé and almost obvious... the poor man's philosophy, but it strikes me that there are so many people out there are far more talented that we sometimes imagine.

I don't think talent has to neccesarily be something that is rewardable economicaly (even though we 'd ALL love that!). I'm talking about talents such as the ability to draw a picture that says far more than words, the ability to comprehend a person's needs and heal a wounded heart, the ability to tackle a problem and find a solution. But also the ability to write wittingly, intelligently and originally. Or actually have something worthy of notice, to say.
I obviously take the small incidents in my life, that are important to me, and make them the starting point of my reflection... that's a given, with anyone I guess. We all take what is important to us and make it the key, the code through which we tackle and de-code the outside world. I wouldm't care so much about unrecognised qualities if I felt, of course, that I was being rewarded for who I am and what I can give. In my case, though, I am reffering to the professional world I so long to be in and struggle so hard to be part of.

I know I have a lot to learn, surely... but already I know I can tackle many things. I can do a lot. I have had many satisfactions so far. I can't complain. I have had the fortune of doing a lot more than many. I have travelled the world at a young age, I have had the fortune of growing up in a multicultural society, learn a foreign language and discover what it means to profess a religion that is a culture all of its own.
Even when it comes to work, though still young I have done many things, even while still in school. They all have made me who I am today, good and bad, but now that I have that sought-after piece of paper in my hand, a year after my degree I want to prove I too can make a difference. I don't think I will shake mankind or revolutionise the world. I just want one opportunity, one chance... then I will do the rest! I want my chance to prove what I've got. 'Cause I have it, no doubt about that!!

But I didn't want my reflection today to be a lament. I didn't want this to be centered on me, although inevitable, seeing as these are my thoughts... but I wanted them to be my thoughts on things and others. So to get back to my starting point...
I want to share with you the few things I discovered today that I think deserve some recognition... be it only by visiting their work, or by leaving a comment, a salute or by spreading the word. Recognition has many forms...

~ possibilityoffire

~ nyclondon.com

~ theinterviewwithgod.com

As for me... I wait for my recognition, which i know will come.
Patiently I wait. It's coming...

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