Friday, December 30, 2005,9:39 PM
Advertising Pimp
Ok... time for some plugging here... as advertising pimp is my middle name... here's the deal:

Things you abosolutely NEED to check out:



~ partially true tales of high adventure


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,7:28 PM
Remembering the refreshingness of my own ramblings...
Reading a friend's blog, I was reminded of what I once loved to do.
I'm not new to blogs, nor have I shyed away from publically displaying my personal views or thoughts on the tricky or trivial episodes in my life.

I've been carried away... lost somewhat, under all this "blahness" that I have accumulated in the last year. So much good in 2005... yet so many expectations let down.
No one to blame... no regrets, just so much more expected that actually took place. I think most of it is due to where I am, in this particular local society which has little room for new bloomers (or baby boomers should I say... so late 80s!!)

So this is my chance to kind of clear my head, vent my bottled up creativy, find a new outlet for it...
I am 100% self taught... everything I know and can do, be it DJing, web design, digital grafic design.. it's all from hours infront of my compter! And for a girlie girl i do pretty damn well... ehhh.... if all my potential employers really knew what I'm capable of!! HA!

I'm still convinced I'm gonna rock the world though.... just need to get my frikkin arms in... "comin thru, 'scuse me... " or exqueeze me should i say !!
Watch out... 2006 is gonna be my year!

But I have to mention, on the side,... (well not so on the side really as this is like the major slice in my pie).... I am fortunate to have an angel by my side, a true friend and my partner for life.
We have shared so much in so litte time and at such large distances, no one can truly begin to understand.
2006 will be our year... together we face a new life. I can't wait!

So.... make room.... we're comin' thru!

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