Tuesday, March 31, 2009,2:57 PM
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Look into your heart and you'll find love

Look into your heart and you'll find love
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Vi è mai sembrato di vivere dentro ad un episodio di qualche vostro telefilm preferito? A me si!
Giuro che se non fosse che ve lo sto raccontando io, potreste benssimo convincervi di trovarvi sottomano il riassunto di una delle tanto amate puntate di Sex & the City!
Beh, cosa vi aspettavate? Di tanti sterotipi, almeno questo lasciatemelo vivere in santa pace ed a pieno, no?
Vedete.. faccio una piccola confessione.: ognuna di noi almeno una volta nella vita si è rispecchiata un pochettino in uno di quei 4 personaggi magnifici, frutto dell'immaginazione e della penna di Candace Bushnell.
Io ho sempre trovato più sintonia con Carrie, non certo per il suo senso di stile o per il suo figurino delizioso, ma forse più per il suo spirito intraprendente e romantico, per la sua originalità e per la sua creatività.

Questo week end ho rivisto una persona che mi ha fatto ricordare dei bei momenti divertenti condivisi assieme due anni fa, ormai...
Me lo ricordo ancora... era l'estate del 2007. Ero stata fuori con degli amici e la serata era stata divertente, ma c'era qualcosa di diverso... IO mi sentivo diversa... ero viva, entusiasta. Accesa! (O forse come avrebbe detto la mia amichetta Sammy, liberata).

Dopo la seratina piacevole trascorsa in compagnia di questi 3 amici, mi ritirai in dolce compagnia. E' bello quando basta un sorriso o uno sguardo per comunicare 100 parole.
Ed è qui che la splendida, sensuale e provocante Samantha Jones entra a far parte del mio mondo, o forse ero io ad entrare a far parte del suo...

Non so se vi ricordate le scene, spesso comiche, delle sue avventure scalmanate.
Mi ha sempre divertito vedere come riusciva a ribaltare una qualsiasi situazione imbarazzante o negativa e farla diventare una cosa sulla quale ridere; restavo a guardare, quasi amaliata, come il suo dialogio schietto e diretto diventasse sempre protagonista dell'episodio.

Beh, diciamo che in questa occasione di questa particolare sera, forse solo per un attimo, in lei mi sono rispecchiata!
Che dire quando il tuo piercing s'impiglia nella cinta di un'altra persona? Che fare quando ti squillo il telefono in un momento poco... opportuno? Niente, niente... la butti in caciara e via...
Tanto a fine serata contano solo le risate condivise e la complicità malandrina. Situazioni uniche, irripetibile certamente... e che forse faranno ridere solo te e la persona con la quale hai condiviso l'accaduto, ma che sicurmente entreranno a far parte della tua storia personale, catalogato sotto la voce "Come Samantha Jones".

Mi auguro che ognuna di voi posso ritrovare un po' di Samantha in voi stesse ogni tanto, che non fa mai male.... soprattutto quando il giorno dopo, al lavoro, le colleghe ti dicono che dovresti ritrovare la tua Samantha più spesso!
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Wednesday, March 05, 2008,1:12 AM
In her blog, Heather asked about relationships.....why some of them work, and others crash and burn. What makes or breaks a union?

I could probably spend hours debating and pondering this one...

I think the secret to a good relationship lies in the beginning...
Basically... it's the couple itself that make or break the deal... no shit, right? See, I think too often people fall in love and are with a person who in reality isn't right for them or who, ultimately, they won't get along with, be if for different beliefs, different views on things, different habits, political views etc...

Sometimes loves just isn't enough... I've lived this twice "on my back" as we say in Italian. experienced it myself... and I now know that love is not the answer!
It's how well you get along with someone, how much you have to give in in order to keep the peace and how far they're willing to go for you.
A relationship is a balance of give and take. It takes a lot of respect, and yes love of course too... but mostly respect I think.

Loves comes and goes, love changes over time. The initial passion and lust fades over the years and sometimes all you're left with is this person who you co-habit with, who you live and breathe next to without really sharing your lives.
Sure you may share time, but are you really sharing your LIFE? You dreams, your goals, your dreams, your fears?

I've come to the point of stating that I'd probably agree more of marrying a true friend, whom I admire, respect and look up to than someone who I love yet can't seem to share views with.
Those of you who know me and my pat relationships know what I'm talking about...

All I know is, it takes a LOT of luck to find the right person to walk aside of for the rest of your life... that special someone that won't change over the years, that will still love you unconditionally, and care for you, and be happy to see you when you walk in the door.

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Saturday, December 22, 2007,11:45 PM
Max's dinner Party
I barely got a chance to sleep in today... I had a few errands to run, tidy up my room and sort a few things.
I also had to cook as I was invited to dinner over at Max's tonight, and we'd all been asked to brind a dish.

In the afternoon hotel boy called and asked me if I wanted to go shopping dowtown with him, as he wanted to pick up a few things. So I get there to the hotel to meet up with him, as the subway is close to his place, and he asks me to sit in the car with him a second.

He then hands me a little package... my Christmas gift!
He told me that he wasn't going to get me anything because I don't celebrate Christmas and he felt stupid getting me something.. but then he surprised me!
I told him that it was ok and that I'd always gotten gifts from my close friends so he should just do what he feels, regardless. The fact that I was going to get him something shouldn't have to influence him.
Anyways... he got me a really cool belt by Jean-Paul Gaultier... Madonna's favourite designer LOL

After thanking him we hopped on the train and went downtown. We jumped from one store to the next... shopping with hotel boy is crazy! Hahaha he was in such a rush! My feet were sore!
I did however manage to stop long enough to take a picture of the Fendi building, all decorated and lit up especially for the Christmas.

Afterwards I had to rush home to go and cook for tonight's dinner, but unfortunately, the road was completely blocked due to yet another accident! ARGH!!

My mom called me as she saw that it was getting late and I wasn't home yet. She knew I had to cook and so was wondering where i was. When I finally got home, I'd found she'd cooked for me!! Awww I love her! She saved my life! Hahaha

Anyways dinner was a blast! We had fun just eating great food, dancing and generally being silly!

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Friday, December 21, 2007,9:12 PM
Oh so close!
It's been really hectic at work lately. I guess everyone's just trying to tie up all the loose ends before the holidays.
This past week has been pretty busy!

Tonight we went to a party in a Villa some guy rented out for his birthday.. (a friend of a friend, you know how these thigns work...).

We had a good time, but it was a pretty interesting ride all the way there!
First off, I get my head bitten off because we have to wait for Hotel boy to come down, as he fell asleep!
So we get to the hotel t pick him up and he's not answering his phone! So I decide to go up to his room and get him, but he finally answers so then we wait for him in the car. In the meatime Flavio is getting impatient and decides to take it out on me.

Then, we fianlly are ready to leave as am I'm pulling out of the Hotel drive way some crazy lunatic almost hits me! Basically... this guy was driving at about 130 kms an hour!
I'm at the interection, I look behind me to make sure no one is coming and sure enough the road is clear. So I'm pulling out and already in the lane and all of a sudden I hear this screeching, braking noise! I look to my left and there's this car right up next to me... I swerve to the right and avoid the collision! We barely just tap each other's side mirrors and then both stop.

So I'm in the car, on the right side of the road, while this guy has stopped further ahead on the left.
He jumps out of his Mercedes and comes at me with a violence and anger I'v never seen before in my life!

Luckily i'm not alone as I have hotel boy next to me and Flavio in the car behind me.
We immediately lock our doors and just sit there calmly, waitign to see what's going to happen next. So the thug comes at me shouting all kinds of swear words (very educational, I must admit...) and starts pounding his fists on my window. I'm afriand he's going to shatter the glass, but fortunately he doesn't.
He then storms back to his car... checks his side and then gets back in and drives off.

As you cna imagine I am compeltely speachless, yet calm. Hotel boy makes sure I'm ok and then we drive off again.
I will admit... my legs were jelly at this point, but I managed to stay clear and focused. I can't believe what has just happened and that I was so able to avid the hit, but staying it the car and not doing anythind was the best thing that could have happened!

So, after taking a depe breath, we're back on the road again.
We're driving and then we get lost... all the while with Flavio getting impatient and Alex's patience being put to the test!

WE FINALLY get to the party. After a few drinks and some good music, Alex finds her smile again!

It was a pretty eventful night but I manage to have a good time anyways.
On ou way home, we stop off for a late night snack... McDonald's... LOL
Hotel boy and I stop and talk and before you know it, it's 5 am!

I really enjoy the wind down part of the night... sitting and talking in the car, like there's no care in the world always make me smile.

We're just friends hotel boy and I.... yet I feel like there's more.
I won't ponder it further, there's no point... but still... talking 'till 5 am feels like heaven!

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Tuesday, November 27, 2007,3:40 AM
When I mentioned that this week had been an interesting one, I meant it, and not because of social events... it's not all partying in my life..

I've recently booked a flight to the US for the next year. I'll be visiting some friends in feb for 10 days. I will also be stopping off in Indy, mainly to see friends, but also to try and get a hold of the things I left behind back in 2006.

For those of you who have follwed my diry from the beginning, will know i'm referring to thigns I left at my ex's. Zeeing as I was supposed to be moving and marrying him, I brought out my entire summer wardrobe, to sort of try and get a head start of packing and stuff, seing as it was winter and I was hoping to be married by the following summer... we all know how that nded up.

So anyways, seeing as I am someone who thinks about others' feeligns and the consequences my actions may have on them, I decided to write to Michael to let him know I was coming.
Just to fill you in, in these six months since we've broken up, I have not once heard from him. Or rather I have, but never was it him who came looking for me.

After I finally decided to put it behind me, I have how ever contacted him twice to try and at least stay friends... (Yeah, I know what you all think, something impossible.. so I've been told...).
I always got brief, rather cold responses back from him which always ledf me to think he was just being polite and not really wanted any kind of relationship with me.

Well this past weekend I got wind of him apparently being rather happy I was comin to visit. pparently he wants to sit down and have a talk with me. He supposedly has a lot he wants to talk to me about and misses me a lot.

I can't describe how this makes me feel... I have mixed emotions about this. On one hand, I prayed for this for sl long, and not because I was hoping to get back with him, but simply because, as selfish and mean as it soudns, I wanted him to regret his decision and live with the fact that he'd fucked up the best thing in his life and not be able to do anything about it.
On the other, I am glad to see him and to be able to sit down and talk. I think after all this, I need closure.
I'm not sure what he wants to say to me exactly, but I hoe to be hearing some apologies. I will tell him how I feel and wont' spare him the fact that he really hurt me. I know it'll hurt for both of us, it won't be easy but I think we'll be better off for it.
This should have taken place six months ago...

And so tonight, I post a picture of a photo album that contains pictures of the summer we got engaged. It contains some wonderful, yet painful memories.
I hope after my trip to be finally able to put this book and this relatiobship finally to rest.

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Wednesday, November 07, 2007,6:57 PM
Autumn Days
What a wonderful day we had on Saturday!!!
We were blessed with a gorgeous fine November sunny day. The crisp fine air was nicely warmed up by a wonderful bight sun!

We went on a mini road trip to Ariccia, in the area that is better known as the Castelli Romani ˜ aka Roman Castles.
The area is beautiful... the Pope has his summer residence nearby, at Castel Gandolfo. Lucky bugger! lol

People come from neighbouring towns and from Rome to eat in the typical fraschetterie, sort of homely, rustic type places, run by family. The service is very plain and simple. The food is great and the prices are dirt cheap!
The typical local dish is porchetta, but seeing as it's pork, I've never had it. Can't say I'm tempted to even try it.... just looks so nasty lol... but I'm told it's devine!

Afterwards we went for a walk in the nieghbouring town, Nemi. Nemi is right on the Nemi lake, a beautiful natural lake, that is famous for its sunken Roman ships.
This small town is also famous for its tiny wild strawberries, which have a very distinctive sweet taste. They almost taste like grapes! I love them... but they are hard to find outside of the area. They are about the size of a large peanut... quite unique!

- : the outtakes : -

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Tuesday, October 30, 2007,12:03 PM
I finally got a few things done round the house... or my room rather. My closet was just going apewire.. looks like a bomb had gone off in there... it was time to patiently refold and sort it out!
I said godbye to all my summer clothes and put them away too... I always hate doing that. Summer is my favourite season!

There was a band and small parade going on outside, because of some patron saint's holiday, or some church celebration... who knows... they always have some random reason to celebrate apparently.. Hahaha
Yeah... I'm not too educated on catholic holidays LOL

Anyways I decided to step out on the balcony and take a look. It's been prtty warm over the past couple of days. Makes a nice change after the Siberian cold we'd been experiencing during the week prior.

Looks like the neighbours in the building in front were watching what was gonig on down below too!
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,11:58 AM
I will admit, it's been a pretty interesting week!
I'm trying to process it all.... yet not get too analytical. Going with the flow is the best thing for me right now... and not have any expectations.
That's hard for someone who likes to think things out like I do however!
I think the key word here is patience.
I'll try to remember that!

We had a fun night tonight. I like it when you get to do several things in the same night. Like meet up with different crowds.... it's like the night lasts longer than it does.

I like being independent and doing my own thing.... just another consideration...

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